Episode 19: Therapeutic Pain Education

Pain is disruptive and sometimes debilitating to a dancer’s career and meanwhile, our broader culture’s dependency on pharmaceutical therapies for managing pain has led to an opioid crisis. Pain is problematic to say the least, and though we’ve all experienced pain, few of us understand it. However, there’s research suggesting that if we knew a little more about pain, we’d actually feel less of it! In Episode 19, Therapeutic Pain Education, dance medicine expert-extraordinaire, Dr. Marshall Hagins, PhD, PT, DPT, OCS explains a bit about the neuroscience of pain and how we can use our enhanced knowledge to ameliorate experiences of it.

Find Marshall at: https://markmorrisdancegroup.org/dance-center/practitioners/Physical-Therapy/Mashall-Haggins-PhD-PT-DPT-OCS

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