Episode 46: Ins and Outs of the Pelvic Floor

Episode 46: Ins and Outs of the Pelvic Floor, provides detailed information about this essential and oft-overlooked region of a dancer's anatomy. Pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist and dance expert, Brooke Winder, DPT, PT, OCS, explains the anatomy of the region, what can go wrong, how dysfunction is experienced, how dance challenges this area, how healthy nutrition interacts with pelvic function, postpartum considerations, and more! A warning to our listeners, particularly those who have experienced sexual trauma, this episode includes a clinical description of pelvic floor muscle assessment, a process that is similar to a gynecological or prostate exam.

Contact Brooke Winder at Cal State Long Beach (https://www.csulb.edu/dance/page/brooke-winder) or

at Sarton Physical Therapy (https://www.pelvichealing.com/team/winder) or

on Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/drbrookewinderpt/)

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