Episode 24: An Individualized Approach to Optimizing Performance: A Pilot Study

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We’ve all used fitness trackers like Fitbits, iPhone step counters, and Nike Fuel bands to count our steps and to get a general idea of our overall activity for the day. Maybe we’ve even used this type of wearable to track our sleep cycles so we can gleam whether or not we are well-rested. But at the end of the day, how are these tidbits of information really impacting our health and wellness? And more specifically, how can they help dancers?

Tune in to this episode of DanceWell Podcast to hear to Dr. Phillip Bauman MD FAAOS and Mr. Doug Jamison of Hale.Life and Michelle Fleet and Dr. Madelyn Ho MD of Paul Taylor Dance Company discuss a study that is taking fitness tracking - using the Whoop wearable device - to a whole new level.

To learn more about Hale.Life, visit: http://www.hale.life/

Photos for this episode courtesy of the personal collection of Laura Halzack, in collaboration with the Moss Arts Center

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